MERMAIDS & SEA URCHINS VIBES Seashells are Love Letters in

MERMAIDS & SEA URCHINS VIBES Seashells are Love Letters in the Sand

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Enjoy the POSITIVE BEACH VIBES today! 

We recently returned from a trip to Myrtle Beach and we collected so many gorgeous seashells. The children and grandchildren had a wonderful time trying to find the very best ones and the most interesting ones.

These moments walking the beach together were priceless! We're sharing those special moments with you, with this free printable/downloadable.

Add it to a white frame in your children's room for the memories of love, laughter and happiness to return again and again!

This is a printable pdf poster.

*Print and should you wish to color, re-color as many times as you wish. You may not re-sell this file, distribute or use the image for anything other than your own personal enjoyment. You may share your fully colored image on social media; however you may not post or share an uncolored image. Thank you so much for your understanding and support! **Image rights protected by copyright and are retained by artist**