9 Ways “This Is Your Captain Speaking” Gavin McLeod from The Love Boat Could Spoil His Mother on a Mother’s Day Cruise

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom how much you appreciate her. What better way to do that than by taking her on a cruise. We’re sharing 9 ways Gavin MacLeod could spoil his mother, and you can spoil your mother, on your Mother's Day cruise, so you can create a lasting memory with the most important woman in your life.


  1. Upgrade her cabin: Consider upgrading your mother's cabin to a higher class to make her feel extra special on her cruise. This could include a balcony cabin with a view, a suite with a larger living space, or even a luxury stateroom with exclusive amenities.


  1. Arrange a spa day: Most cruise ships have luxurious spas where your mother can be pampered with massages, facials, and other treatments. Consider booking her a spa package or a single treatment as a special Mother's Day treat.


  1. Surprise her with a special meal: Many cruise lines offer specialty restaurants that offer unique dining experiences. Surprise your mother with a reservation at one of these restaurants, or arrange for a private dining experience with a personal chef.


  1. Book a shore excursion: If your cruise itinerary includes ports of call, consider booking a special excursion for your mother. This could include a sightseeing tour, a shopping excursion, or even an adventure activity like snorkeling or zip-lining.


  1. Surprise her with a CRUISE BUNDLE gift box waiting in her cabin when she arrives. It contains all the cruise essentials that will make her cruise stress-free and relaxing! She’ll have all the cabin essentials like a hooked magnet to hang her cruise lanyard, a portable fan to keep her cool and happy even if you’re in warm weather sailing. She’ll be as happy as a lark all cruise long! Add a personalized note or card to show how much you appreciate her.


  1. Attend a special event: Many cruise ships offer special events on Mother's Day, such as brunch or a special concert. Check with your cruise line to see if any events are planned, and make sure your mother doesn't miss out.


  1. Decorate her cabin: If you have access to your mother's cabin before she arrives, consider decorating it with balloons, streamers, and other decorations. You can also leave a handwritten note or a card to let her know how much she means to you.


  1. Schedule a private photo session: Many cruise ships have onboard photographers who can take professional-quality photos of your family. Consider scheduling a private photo session with your mother so you can capture memories of your trip together.


  1. Arrange a personalized excursion: If your mother has a particular interest or hobby, consider arranging a personalized excursion for her. For example, if she loves wine, book a winery tour, or if she's interested in history, book a guided tour of a historical site.


Remember, she loves you no matter what, but these things will make her feel extra special this Mother's Day!