What Is A Fish Extender On A Disney Cruise Line?

What Is A Fish Extender On A Disney Cruise Line?

Everyone on a Disney cruise is looking for more ‘magic pixie dust’ (use your imagination and have some fun here!) to bring the magic of the cruise experience home. Personalizing the cruise experience brings in those magic moments!


You may ask what in the world is a Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender? Have you heard of a fish extender on a Disney cruise? Fish Extenders on a Disney Cruise Line bring in the fun! You may have heard something like this, "Bring the best gifts for your neighbor's fish extender!" And what about those fish extender (FE) groups? Do you need to join one before you cruise?


Some History of the Fish Extender On a Disney Cruise

On Disney’s two original ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, stateroom numbers are written on a metal fish that hangs to the left of each stateroom door. On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, staterooms on the port side have a fish notating the cabin number, however the starboard side staterooms have a metal seahorse.

What Is A Fish Extender On A Disney Cruise Line?

What Is a Disney Cruise Fish Extender?

Cruise passengers create one embroidered piece of material (usually attached at the top to a dowel stick and string) with hanging pockets, that easily fit over the metal fish or seahorse designating the cabin number. The fish extender also usually includes family names of those who are traveling together. These sewn pockets/gift bags are used as mailboxes to receive cruise information like dinner plans etc.


What Is A Fish Extender On A Disney Cruise Line?

I've Heard That I need To Join A Fish Extender (FE) Group, Is That True? 

Before most cruises, one passenger will create a Facebook group. It has become common practice for all cruise passengers to search for this type of group specific to their cruise. Once they join the group, they learn of Secret Santa-style gift exchanges or drawings organized by fellow passengers.

Passengers then deliver gifts to each other once the cruise begins. Gifts are placed in the fish extender pockets. The idea is to build excitement and camaraderie-ship, all while spreading the Disney magic with each other. It’s so fun when you even make a few new friends on your cruise!


What Is A Fish Extender On A Disney Cruise Line?

PS: You will find that the Facebook groups are VERY organized, use acronyms, spreadsheets, and love for all to participate! The number in the group will vary depending on how many join the FB group and which cabin group you join.

What Is A Fish Extender On A Disney Cruise Line?

Do You Have To Make Your Own Fish Extender?
Most fish extenders are home made and DIY, however there are many talented Etsy sellers who hand-sew fish extenders for those who are not too crafty themselves. Be sure to give yourself enough time to get your fish extender in hand before your cruise date.
"What’s the difference between a Fish Extender (FE) Group and “being pixie dusted?”
When you join a Fish Extender group, you will be assigned a set of cabins to bring gifts for. However, you also have the delightful opportunity to 'pixie dust' fellow cruisers who may not be part of your FE group but have Fish Extenders hanging off their fish hooks. A friend recently told me, "During our week on the Magic, we were happily pixie dusted on multiple occasions, receiving sweet treats and charming little trinkets."



Here's a little surprise for you to help you on your way to creating a fish extender GIFT TAG for your FE gifts: 

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Just click Add To Cart and when you're ready, check out. Once you have completed your "order" you'll be able to either immediately download the item or you can grab it from your email inbox within minutes! Print them on cardstock, cut them out, and tape them to your gifts. Happy sailing!