Romance, Love and Culture Await You On A Greek Island Cruise

Romance, Love and Culture Await You On A Greek Island Cruise

While you’re on a Santorini cruise, the island will show you its peaceful, romantic, spirit. The Greek Islands have always been a regular favorite of travelers. Greece is a magical, idealistic destination where you can wander alongside stunning coastlines, explore the ruins of ancient cultures, and dine on fresh Mediterranean cuisine all in one cruise retreat.

On a luxury Greek Island cruise, explore widespread beaches, glide out to sea on catamarans and kayaks, and head into tiny Greek restaurants where you dine like a local. From the sun-dripping white, stone buildings in Santorini to the white-sand beaches that summon you in Mykonos, a Greece cruise is the finest way to experience the captivating Greek Islands.


Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences: from the mighty ruins of the Acropolis to the buzzing, modern city center of Athens. Visit an olive farm in Crete or embark on a tour of Mykonos Town’s organic wineries. Or take an exclusive culinary lesson on how to make local favorites in Santorini’s main square. The memories you create will be out of this world!


Santorini, one of my most favorite destinations I have visited. The cobalt-blue roofed homes and the cobbles walkways make you feel as if you’re in a magical land of make-believe. Travelers flock to Santorini for its peace and tranquility, its rich culture and memorable scenic moments. This crescent-shaped island is perfect for soaking up the sun at black-sand beaches like Perissa, or spend a day at the Santorini Caldera, one of the only places in the world to see submerged remnants of an erupted volcano. Sample Greek food and drink at the family-owned chateaux dotting the Aegean coast and take the time to soak in the magnificent panoramas surrounding you. A trip worth every penny!

Cruise Lines That Sail To Santorini: (This is not an all-inclusive list, just some of the more well-known cruise lines)

  • Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, Princess Cruises, MSC Cruises, Holland America Line

Santorini is no longer a well-kept secret, but it’s charm and blue-and-white buildings against the turquoise Aegean sea below is one of the most-visited destinations on many Mediterranean cruises. Hop on board to experience your special moments!

Did You Know?

Santorini’s cruise port was created when the island’s volcano erupted in 1650 BC. The port is located at the base of Fira, the capital city. When your Santorini cruise docks in Fira, you’ll take a small boat to the shoreline and then, in gorgeous Greek fashion, you'll make your way to the top of the island either by cable car, donkey, or simply walking.

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Romance, Love and Culture Await You On A Greek Island Cruise