If you’re a first timer cruiser, here are 15 ways to help your first cruise be both memorable and exciting!

If you’re a first timer cruiser, here are 15 ways to help
  1. Always arrive early on departure day. All too often cruisers think they have plenty of time on departure day, and when they’re late, the ship waits for no one!
  2. Always fly into your port destination the day BEFORE your cruise departure. There is nothing worse than panicking the whole flight to the port destination wondering if you’re going to make your connecting flight to your final destination, only to find out the ship left without you. Avoid the stress and arrive a day early. And if your port departure is international, arrive 2 or 3 days early to get over jetlag.
  3. Your luggage and you are separated when you board the ship. Your luggage is delivered a few hours later (if you’re lucky) or later in the day, so always pack your bathing suit in your carry-on luggage so you have it if you need it before your luggage arrives in your cabin. Add to that any medication you may need during the day, your camera/phone charger and beach hat. You don’t want to be left walking around the ship for hours waiting for your luggage on day 1.
  4. First time cruisers always overpack. You basically only need half of what you are inclined to pack that first cruise. You can use the laundry room/service onboard should you need clean clothes.
  5. Skip the buffet on your first day on board. EVERYONE (and we mean EVERYONE) heads to the buffet line on embarkation day. It’s a little feeding frenzy on day one. So avoid the fuss and choose dining option 2 for your sanity.
  6. It will cost you to buy extra toiletries on the ship, so bring extra.(Sunscreen, aspirin, Band-Aids.) Take a small bag of over-the-counter medicines to throw cold medicine, seasickness pills)
  7. Don’t forget batteries for your camera and room freshener.
  8. Magnet hooks will increase your hanging space and keep your excursion tickets safe.
  9. Join a Facebook group for your cruise line. You’ll learn unique tips from fellow cruisers.
  10. Place your cell phone on airplane mode to avoid the roaming fees whilst at sea.
  11. Download the cruise ship's App.
  12. We always book our excursions through the cruise line and never do it independently. That is because medical fees are covered by the cruise line while on that excursion.
  13. Most times gratuity fees are automatically added to final bills at the spa. Be sure to check if you have prepaid gratuity on your cruise ticket so you avoid paying gratuity twice.
  14. Avoid choosing a cabin near an elevator, or the rare of the ship. Our favorite cabin spot is right in the middle of the ship, 2 floors below the deck, so you have equal walking distance to all events and so that you avoid the loud engine noises or pool deck noises when you’re trying to sleep.
  15. Find the ice cream maker on deck as soon as you arrive. It’s my husband’s favorite spot on the ship and he keeps that ice cream maker working hard the entire cruise!