How To Beat The Chair Hogs

How To Beat The Chair Hogs
Definition of a Chair HogA chair hog is a person who “reserves” a deck chair in a prime location in the sun, by placing their towel on the lounger to claim it, and then goes off to do something different elsewhere on the ship. Typically the chair hog strikes early in the morning (often before breakfast), placing his/her towel (or towels as is the case most times) on various chairs to "book" them for the day, and then quickly heads to breakfast to get the best of both worlds.

11 Tips To Beat The Chair Hogs

  1. If your plan is to spend all day at the pool, then you really need to get up and be on the pool deck before 10am to find a lounger.
  2. If getting up early won’t work for you, then wait for the afternoon when others start to leave their chairs to get ready for an early dinner. Most loungers start becoming available by 4pm.
  3. On port days many go on excursions first thing in the morning. If an excursion is not for you, you’ll usually get a lounger right by the pool. The downside to this is you miss out on exploring the port. If you’re a seasoned cruiser, and have visited the same ports numerous times, this option is really for you. However, you can also capitalize on this option by going on afternoon excursions. Less stress in the morning!
  4. Look for a lounger away from the pool. Depending on location you’ll find some loungers in the sun at certain times in the day, and other times of the day those same loungers are in the shade. People normally vacate them during the shade, so be on the lookout for changes in the sun direction.
  5. You could rent a casita. Some cruise ships have these available. The price will vary from $149-$199. Towels, cooler, storage, and complimentary drinks come with the casita rental.
  6. Chair hogs dislike anything near the kiddy pool. Head to that area and take your headphones. Take your mind to an oasis of peacefulness.
  7. The spa or suite area sometimes has a private area for suite passengers. Its worth the extra suite fee so you’re not scrambling each day to find a lounger.
  8. If you have a balcony suite, the sun will be perfect at certain times of the day. Move the balcony chairs and create a comfy base with extra towels/bedding and relax in the comfort of your suite balcony.
  9. Take a look at the deck plan, and head to the top of the ship where there is "dead space". This is a great place to lay down in the sun. There are often random loungers left behind.
  10. Head to the back of the ship for deck spaces where loungers are uniquely placed by their previous occupants.
  11. Ask a crew member for help. Let them know how long you have been looking for a lounger and they may be willing to remove a randomly placed towel that is simply sitting on the chair.
  12. And finally…Don’t be a chair hog yourself 😊


What do you do when you find a lounger? Enjoy yourself and stop fighting a towel that keeps falling. Get one of our bright colored chair bands for perfect positioning.


How To Beat The Chair Hogs How To Beat The Chair Hogs How To Beat The Chair Hogs