Cruise Acronyms You Will Want To Know Before Your Cruise

Cruise Acronyms You Will Want To Know Before Your Cruise


Are you ready to set sail on your dream cruise vacation? Don't worry if the cruise lingo sounds overwhelming at first - it's all part of the experience! In fact, there's something so thrilling and exciting about learning new cruise terms and acronyms.

From booking with a TA to enjoying OBC during your trip, these phrases are all part of the language of cruising. And once you understand them, you'll be even more excited to embark on your journey.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of stepping onto a cruise ship and leaving all your worries behind. It's a chance to relax, unwind, and explore new destinations. And with the option of B2B2B cruises, you can extend your adventure even further.

So, let's celebrate the joy of cruising and all the amazing experiences it brings. Get ready to use your FCC to book your next trip, and don't forget to take advantage of that OBC during your voyage. With a little bit of cruise lingo under your belt, you'll be ready to enjoy a happy, excited, yet peaceful vacation on the high seas.


Let’s help you out and share some of these acronyms with you so you too, can feel confident and understand the lingo:

TA - A travel agent (TA) is a professional who specializes in helping travelers plan their vacations. Travel agents can help you book your cruise, flights, hotels, and more. They can also offer advice on destinations, excursions, and travel insurance.

FCC - Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is a credit given to passengers who cancel a cruise but choose to rebook at a later date. The amount of the credit is usually equal to the amount paid for the canceled cruise. FCC can be used to pay for the cost of a future cruise, including taxes and fees.

Pier Runners - Those passengers who arrive almost too late, and come running down the pier. Most cruise passengers will see this from their balcony staterooms, and will cheer for them as they finally board just before its too late.

B2B2B - Back to Back to Back (B2B2B) refers to booking three consecutive cruises on the same ship. This is a popular option for cruisers who want to extend their vacation and explore multiple destinations in one trip. It stands to reason then, that B2B simply means back to back cruises, that is two cruises in a row.

Chair hogs - Those people who get up early in the morning and place towels and shoes on chair loungers around the pool in prime spots top reserve their space. Sometimes they don't even show up and the lounger stays unoccupied for hours.

OBC - Onboard Credit (OBC) is a credit given to passengers to use on the ship during their cruise. OBC can be used to pay for onboard purchases such as drinks, spa treatments, and shore excursions. OBC is often given as a perk to passengers who book a certain type of cabin or during promotional periods.

Understanding these acronyms can make it easier to communicate with your travel agent, understand promotions, and navigate the booking process. Happy cruising and bon voyage!



Here are some common cruise terms and phrases:

  1. Aft: The back of the ship
  2. Bow: The front of the ship
  3. Port: The left side of the ship (when facing forward)
  4. Starboard: The right side of the ship (when facing forward)
  5. Deck: A level of the ship where passengers can walk or lounge
  6. Cabin: A passenger's room on the ship
  7. Stateroom: Another term for a passenger's room on the ship
  8. Embarkation: The process of getting on the ship
  9. Disembarkation: The process of leaving the ship
  10. Tender: A smaller boat used to transport passengers from the ship to shore when the ship cannot dock at the port
  11. Shore excursion: A guided tour or activity on land that is organized by the cruise line
  12. Lido deck: A deck on the ship where there are often pools, hot tubs, and dining options
  13. Cruise director: The person responsible for coordinating onboard activities and entertainment
  14. Muster drill: A mandatory safety briefing that takes place at the beginning of the cruise
  15. Captain's dinner: A formal dinner where passengers can meet and dine with the ship's captain.