“Can I use a power strip or extension cable in my cruise ship cabin”?

Many people are confused with regards what power strip they can or cannot take on board the cruise ship. And to be honest it’s something that changes a lot these days. Add to this the fact that different cruise lines allow different things. Power strips with extension cords and power strips with surge protectors; can or can’t we use them? Be sure to check directly with your cruise line, however, here is some information you may find helpful:

All of us travel with many battery-powered devices that need to be charged after usage. You know how awful it feels at the very moment you’re taking that perfect photo and your camera’s battery dies, or you’re stranded with a flat tire on one of your shore excursions and your phone battery is at 1%, or worse still the phone switches off because the battery needs charging.

We also know that most cruise ships, especially the older ones, don’t have as many power outlets (or sockets) or USB outlets as we would like.

So, what does that mean for us beach-loving cruisers? Can I bring a surge protector on a cruise ship?

From Carnival Cruise Line: “Surge protectors are not allowed on cruise ships because they increase fire risk. The reason this danger exists is that a normal surge protector only breaks the circuit on the “live” electrical wire, whereas both the “live” and “neutral” wires carry current on a cruise ship.”

Power Strips or extension cables, and especially the ones with surge suppression and a length of cable are being banned by more and more cruise lines for safety reasons.  Many cruise lines are responding to a safety alert issued by the US Coastguard. See the Marine Safety Alert here. The technical reasons for this safety alert have to do with the difference between maritime electrical systems and domestic land-based systems.

“Can I use a power strip or extension cable in my cruise

But, we are thrilled to let you know we have a cruise essential power strip choice for cruise travel that does not have a surge protector, but has a USB-C outlet, no extension cord, and suitable for any form of travel. The plug can be folded, convenient for travel. It does not take up much space and is light weight (only 150g). It has 3 ACs and 3 USBs that can all be used at the same time! It can use both the 2 prong and 3 prong outlets.  The charging speed is 30% faster than most chargers.

One customer shared the following: “The best thing about this particular multi-plug is that it can be used in both 2-prog and 3-prong (US) outlets. The third prong flips up and down depending on whether it is needed, or whatever the outlet will accommodate.”

~Charné Adams