11 Tips To Help Our New Friends, The Stewards, On Our Cruises

Anyone remember watching the original Love Boat? I do and it brings back fond memories of being in South Africa as a teenager and loving this series. Does this image do the same for you?

 11 Tips To Help Our New Friends, The Stewards, On Our

It got me thinking about all the cruise workers, and especially the cleaners and stewards. Did you know that many of the stewards onboard your vacationing cruise ship sends money home to help support their families?

Galley cleaner, Housekeeping Staff, Pot Washer, Youth Staff, Bar utility, Deckhand, Ordinary seaman, Cabin steward, Bell staff, General cleaner, Laundry person, Engine wiper, Cruise Director, Excursion Manager and workers, firefighters, Spa Workers etc. There are so many workers on board each cruise ship, and without them, our cruise vacations would never feel so memorable!

11 Tips To Help Our New Friends, The Stewards, On Our

As you know, many of these workers go above and beyond to help each of us feel pampered and special while vacationing onboard. They are some of the hardest workers out there.

As I think of the person we interact with the most on each cruise, I think of the stateroom steward.

  • They always go out of their way to help orientate us when we first meet them in the cabin.
  • They share where and how to regulate the temperature, details on the muster station, details on the operation of the cabin safe, how to get supplies etc.
  • They are always willing to get you what you need from pillows to towels, to ice.
  • And they especially love to celebrate our special occasions with us.
  • Don’t we feel noticed when they celebrate with special writing on the mirror or an extra dessert at dinner? It’s the small things, right!?

And don’t you love those towel animals???? I am convinced you must pass “towel school” to become a cabin steward! Hee hee

11 Tips To Help Our New Friends, The Stewards, On Our

Making someone else’s life a little better just brings pure joy. Well lets put our heads together and lets try some of these to make stewards feel appreciated and help make their duties a little lighter.

  1. Start by using your cabin door hanging sign to indicate your needs. That will prevent a guessing game on the part of the steward. They will know exactly what you want with regards cleaning your cabin or not.
  2. Communicate with your steward when you plan to leave your cabin, your dining time and when you plan to return from dinner. Remember they turn down the covers at night and knowing your schedule will help them be precise with heir planning for your cabinets. (Take a sticky note on your cruise, because sometimes this is the fastest and best way to communicate with your steward if you don’t happen to see them when you leave your cabin.)
  3. Try leave your cabin for good portions of the day to give the stewards time to do their jobs. If you keep interrupting them, it takes them longer.
  4. Be sure to place used towels in one pile together and keep the cleans ones neatly stacked on the shelf.
  5. Put away personal items before leaving the cabin.
  6. An better still, put your toiletry bag in the cupboard to make cleaning the bathroom counter easier.
  7. Be precise in your needs. Don’t request extra hangers or ice, if you’re really not going to use them.
  8. In South Africa, I grew up with the culture of greeting people as you walked past them. As you pass your steward in the cabin hallways, always greet him/her by name. You know how special it makes you feel when someone knows your name, right!?
  9. My husband loves to have conversations with others, and I love how that helps us learn more about those around us! I love how he is always able to find out so much about our steward. We learn about their families, their likes and dislikes, their home lives, and things they love to do!
  10. And finally, on the last day of the cruise, instead of waiting in your cabin to disembark, go enjoy some people time and wait in common areas. Be sure to thank your steward with a thank you card and cash before leaving your cabin!
  11. And even after the cruise you can reward them further by writing a review and mentioning their name as the person who made your cruise experience extra special!

Did you know that when you pay gratuities in your bill, that money is pooled together for all staff members. And that is great, but if you want to reward your cabin steward for going above and beyond, be sure to hand a card and monetary gift directly to your cabin steward.

Be sure to share with us other ideas of things you do to make your cabin steward feel special!

11 Tips To Help Our New Friends, The Stewards, On Our