11 Cruise Ship Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Everyone wants to maximize the space in the cabin, right?!

11 Cruise Ship Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Here are 11 cruise ship hacks to maximize your space:

  1. Pop-Up Hampers. Place your dirty laundry in the pop-up hamper. They are portable, collapsible for storage and definitely keep your cabin couch free of clothing as you come in each evening after excursions.
  2. Packing cubes. Have you heard of them? They help to keep you organized, save you space and time. Pack them easily into the drawers for quick unpacking from your luggage. The same is true for when you have to repack at the end of the cruise. Simply pick up your packing cubes out the drawer and place them in your luggage for fast packing. You could buy a different color packing cube set for each member of your family.
  3. Multiple Power Outlets. Be sure to get one that has a USB-C port for your newer phones. 
  4. Dry Erase Board. Especially if you’re traveling with family members it’s a perfect way to communicate with your family members so everyone knows where you are.
  5. Store your luggage underneath your bed. Keeping the bulky luggage off the walking area opens up your cabin and keeps your cabin from being cluttered.
  6. Over the door Personal Organizer. Some call it a shoe organizer. Many cabins can be smaller, especially on the older ships. Place all your personal products in the pockets and hang it on the cupboard or bathroom door.
  7. Magnetic Hooks. The walls and sometimes ceilings of the cabin are metal. Find yourself some heavy-duty magnetic hooks to keep your wet clothes hanging freely on a coat hanger. Place the coat hanger on one of the magnetic hooks. Use it to hang your sunglasses, lanyards overnight and beach hats. 
  8. Night Light. So handy to plug in and illuminate the path way especially in the middle of the night.
  9. Sunrise Alarm Clock. The clock illuminates to help you know its morning.
  10. Waterproof Bags. Keep your phone in one to keep the phone safe. Place your passport in one when you go on excursions to keep them safe.
  11. Decorate your cabin door. Take some fun magnets to decorate your cabin door. If you travel with children, it helps them find your cabin door quickly, and you’ll be the envy of your co-passengers as they’ll wish they thought of that too!

And one more for luck: 

Fold up jewelry holder. You dress up in formal wear on one or two nights (depending on the length of your cruise) and you need somewhere special to keep your jewelry safe.

Happy Cruising!